I’m using Google Rewards on my phone. It’s an app where you can fill out surveys and get Google Play credits. It’s all fine and made by Google. 

The weird thing about it, is how much you get. Usually, it’s about 0.35 CHF which is not much, but with enough surveys you can buy small games or even a book. 

Now the problem is, you don’t always earn the same and it’s based on your answers. Typically, it goes like this:

  • To which of these shops (X, Y and Z) have you been lately? 
  • When was the last time you were in shop X? 
  • How was your impression in shop X? 

You can also select None on the first page, but guess what – you’ll only get 0.10 CHF for that and the survey is over. 

I think this wouldn’t be that much of a problem if there were 10 each day, but it’s more like 1-2 each week. So you can either earn 0.20 or 0.70 CHF each week – guess what people do after some time. 

My idea: smooth this out a bit. Right now the ratio is 1:3.5, it should go towards 1:2. That way, your answers get less biased.