So there are some other things you need to consider, when driving a Smart.

Dont be Scumbag Smart

If you’re parking your Smart, remember that it’s a lot shorter than a normal car. You can even park two in a row, if you want. However,

Power comes with great responsibility


This is impossible to see and especially when you’re really searching for a parking space, like there’s no other around, you’ll start to hate Smart cars.

The gearbox

Oh dear… there aren’t many things that are bad in everyday driving, but let’s dwell on the gearbox. As I said, it’s  a sequential automatic gearbox (with flappy pedals or stick to drive semi-automatic). However, it’s not the automatic part of the gearbox that is bad, it’s the shifting; so this refers to semi-automatic too.

It’s almost as if the gearbox forgets what it’s doing. t’s like the gearbox is thinking “Oh dear, what am I again? A vacuum cleaner? No. A lawnmower? Hmm… no, not enough blades. I got it, I’m a freezer!… no, that doesn’t work out. Oooooh, I’m a gearbox and I’m supposed to change a gear. How cool is that!
As Jeremy Clarkson points out on the Roadster, it’s like those old digital cameras that you take a picture with, but it responds just as your subject moves away.

You have to think a little more ahead, if you want to catch that small gap when you’re waiting at a junction. And you can’t do anything that requires shifting more than two gears up or down in speed, because by then everyone’s overtaken you. You have to get used to it, more than on other cars.